Closing Up Shop – Temporarily!!

My shop will be closed during the month of August while I enjoy the last bit of summer and spend quality time with my boys before my oldest goes to preschool. I will still be answering emails and  Etsy convos, but it may take a little longer for me to respond.

If you were planning on placing an order, please do it soon!


Our Summer

Sorry about the lack of posts lately (I don’t know if anyone but my mom really notices though…thanks for reading Mom!).  We have been busy, busy, busy!  We’ve spent time bowling, playing with bugs, swinging, watching baseball games, playing water balloons….






By the way, did you know that when chalk gets wet it’s like paint?  I mean, it makes sense, I just never thought about it.  Derek has a new favorite activity.  Poor Lucas, he was covered in hand prints by the time they were done playing.


We spent the 4th with all things red, white and blue!



I followed this tutorial for the cake.


This is after cleaning up from making the red velvet cake.


Star shaped jello jigglers and watermelon.



We have had our share of hots days…just what summer should be like! I bought a cool sprinkler that we have had lots of fun with.




I have to have this!


Have  you seen the Silhouette Craft Cutter? It the latest item on my list of things I have to have! Thrifty Decor Chick just happens to be giving one away.  Hopefully I win!!


{Inspiration Board} 4th of July

With the 4th of  July just around the corner, I have been looking for ideas for entertaining.  Here are a few that stood out.


Fabric Bunting
Cupcakes with Star Cookies
Table Setting
Rice Crispy Treats
Floral Arrangements

Summer To-Do List

The boys and I came up with a fun to-do list for our summer.  Although they didn’t really get it, I think they will have fun crossing things off the list.  Sorry, this might be boring…but I want to make sure I have the list saved somewhere.

Here’s our list…

*go to Target (funny boys, this was on our to-do list that day, they still wanted to add it to the list)

*milk (Lucas wanted to add this, he’s used to hearing me make grocery lists)

*make big pancakes (we were making pancakes while making this list, Derek wanted this added)

*make hotel (Lucas was positive he wants to MAKE a hotel.)

*ride bikes in park

*stay in hotel

*ride bikes with Ty and Morgan

*go to sprinkler park

*pick strawberries

*make fort

*go see a play

*finger paint

*go to park

*watch fireworks

*go swimming

*go to library

*go to WI Dells

*go to zoo

*concert in the park

*ride train


SO not ready to let go.

Remember when I talked about Derek going to school?  Well, apparently I had forgotten about it. UGH!!!  I made reservations for a 2 night getaway for the week that he starts school.  I told my mom tonight that rather than change the reservations, I just wasn’t going to send him to school.  I was only half kidding.  It seems silly to be so upset about 2.5 hours a day.  But, it has already put a damper on things.  I know that he is going to learn lots of new things….and I hope he enjoys it.  BUT.

So, tomorrow I am going to be back with a To-Do list for the summer.  I am going to make sure we make the most of the time we have before he goes to school.


10 on Tuesday

1. I hit 1000 sales in my Etsy shop over the weekend.  Thank you to all  of my wonderful customers!!!

2. Last week we went and picked strawberries.



3. Derek took the job pretty seriously.


4. While Lucas had fun attempting to do somersaults down the rows.


5. Either way, I think they both had a good time.


6.  And I was happy because I got a new favorite picture of my two boys.  This was not posed at all.  I was just trying to get a picture of them walking through the patch and this is what I got. :)

7. We had a busy weekend.  I was gone 3 nights in a row and didn’t get to put the boys to bed. :(  As usual, they handled it better than I did.

8. Friday night we went to dinner to celebrate my friend Mandi’s birthday.  We had a wonderful dinner at David’s Bistro. I had my all time favorite meal, Chilean Sea Bass.  So good!  Here’s a picture of Dan (my husband), Mandi and me.


9. Saturday night we attended a beautiful wedding.  The boys slept over at Auntie Kim’s house and had lots of fun.


10. Sunday I went to see Sheryl Crow and Colbie Caillat. Despite the rain we had a great time!



Catch My Party!

Thanks to Catch My Party for including my party in their Party of the Day



Stanley Cup Champions!!


I can’t say that I am a fan of hockey, but it sure has been fun watching the post season play.  Now…if we could just get that other Chicago team to win a championship!


10 on Tuesday

1.  How do Tuesday’s come so fast?  I have really good intentions of posting the other 6 days of the week.  It just doesn’t seem to happen.

2. I have a new job….catering! Well, not really. :)  I did help out a friend though.  She is a Realtor and wanted to serve something different than the typical sandwiches for a open house she was having.  We went with won ton wrappers formed into cups and filled with chicken salad.  Also, cute little fruit kabobs.  It was fun!


3.  Here’s a custom design I did for a friends little girl.  I love how it turned out.  I will be adding it to my shop soon.


4. Here’s another custom design for a train themed party.  Gotta add this to the shop too!


5.  It was a rainy day so we spent time coloring and painting….and glittering the house.  Seriously, how does glitter end up EVERYWHERE? I think it’s going to take years to get it all cleaned up.



6. I’m hoping the weather  cooperates for our Sheryl Crow concert on Sunday at Ravinia.

7. I wish there was some way to keep Play-Doh colors seperate.  I drive myself crazy trying to keep the kids from mixing the colors. I usually end up giving up, then the mixed up colors drive me nuts! Here’s Derek making trains.


8. Summer just started and we have just about every weekend planned.  That means the summer is going to fly by.

9.   I am determined to post something before next Tuesday rolls around again.

10.  Finally 10!  Gotta run…I have two little boys that need to go get haircuts!


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