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Welcome to We specialize in custom birth announcements, holiday cards, save the date cards, engagement and wedding announcements, and birthday invitations. Your personalized items are printed on high quality Kodak Professional Lustre paper. Choose from predesigned announcements or customize your own. Please keep in mind that colors and fonts in examples can be changed.


Happy 3rd Birthday Derek!

April 25th, 2010

Where does the time go? I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I held my baby boy for the first time.


Bug Birthday Party Invitations

April 22nd, 2010

I sent the invitations at the beginning of the week, so I think it’s safe to share them now.  I was a little leary about these making it through the mail without trouble, so I had a test run a couple of months ago.  Luckily, it made it made it in perfect condition. The workers at the Post Office looked at me like I was a little crazy though! 🙂


In this picture you can see the holes I drilled in the lids.  I used Easter grass to imitate real grass.




I hope to be adding these invitations, or another bug invitation to my shop soon.

10 on Tuesday

April 20th, 2010

1.  Derek is going to be 3 on Sunday. Where does the time go?


2. Here’s a custom design I created for a new customer.  I love it so my much, I just added it to my shop!


3. Here’s a custom design I created for one of my best customers! Her daughter want a swim/cheer party.  The inspiration came from plates that she found that are identical to the pattern on the bottom of the invitation.



4.I hope I haven’t mentioned this before, sorry if I have!  Anyways, a few weeks ago, we went to have dinner at my sister’s house.  After dinner, she entertained the boys while we watched The Blind Side…from start to finish, with no interruptions! I can’t tell you the last time we watched a movie. It was so nice! If you haven’t see The Blind Side yet, you need to!

5. With the party being less than 4 weeks away, I am in full party planning mode!  Here are a few of my purchases from tonight.  Actually,  the plates that are in the picture, I picked up several weeks ago.  Then tonight, I found the pots that match perfectly!  I love when that happens!


6. I think the wheat grass may prove to be my biggest challenge.  I hope what I have in mind will work.


7. I have been looking at buying a Cricut for a while now.  I finally broke down and bought one.  I am hoping this will allow me to be able to offer banners and other party items in my shop.

8.  I think the next thing on my list is the Xyron Sticker Maker.   My husband wonders if all these things are necessary.  Of course they are!

9.  As I type this, I am watching Deadliest Catch.  They are rescuing  a crew from a boat that capsized.  Which reminded me, my dad did the same thing over the weekend.  He was fishing on Lake Michigan when a boat near him capsized.  Luckily there were several boats nearby that were able to help.  The water temperature was 44 degrees.  My dad came to lunch,  and acted like it was just another day.  How can he not be my hero?? In case you’re wondering, they rescued everyone on Deadliest Catch.

10. Another late night. UGH!  I keep telling myself I am going to make it to bed early.  Why doesn’t that ever happen?

10 on Tuesday

April 13th, 2010

1. My husband is really bad at keeping gifts a secret.  So, today he gave me my Mothers Day gift…a Flip Camcorder! I can’t wait to use it.


2.  Tomorrow is going to be close to 80 degrees.  I can’t wait!

3. My mom gave the boys each a gift certificate for classes at Gymboree.
I finally got them enrolled in a Play & Learn Class, and a music class. They really love the classes. I don’t know if I will keep them in both classes though. It’s about 35 minutes from home, plus the classes are both right around nap time. We’ll see though!

4. I had a customer contact me about doing a golf themed baby shower. Surprisingly, she couldn’t find any invitations that fit the with that theme. Here is a draft, we haven’t finalized the design yet. I will be adding the design to my shop soon. If you happen to be interested before then, just contact me.


5. I also designed matching favor tags/cupcake toppers. Cute!Untitled-1

6. The boys have had a cough that will not go away.  It seriously has been like 5 weeks.  Just this last week, Dan and I both noticed that Derek was not hearing well.  So, I took him to the doctor today and he has an infection in both ears.  Poor guy!  Hopefully these meds kick in quick and he starts to feel better soon! Because he has been B.A.D.

7. My mom always said she could tell when my brother was getting sick (who was rarely sick).  He would always be unusually naughty.  Well….I think the same thing is true with Derek.  He has worn me out!  In order for him to hear anything, I have to practically scream.  Then, he wants to blast the TV because he can’t hear it.  All of it put together is just too much!

8. Friday we going to see Jerry Seinfeld at Genesee Theatre.

9.  The birthday party planning isn’t making much progress.  I am really having trouble pulling things together.  I am kinda regretting going with the bug theme.  The monkey  and airplane party went together so much easier.

10.  Time for bed!  I don’t know when I made it to bed before midnight last.  It’s really catching up with me.

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

April 9th, 2010

I love having the opportunity to do these invitations.  It’s inspiring to see couples that have been together for 40 or 50 years.  I love seeing the old pictures too!  You can find this design in my shop.






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