Mod Monkey Birthday Party

For the decorations, I pulled the blue and yellow polka dots from the invitation.   I also decided to make palm trees….ugh!  That was a project!


To me, having a smash cake is the best part of 1st birthday party! Lucas has fun smashing the cake.  He didn’t eat much of it.  The cake was done by Ann. She has done several cakes for the family and always does an awesome job.



Happy Birthday Lucas!


As I type this(between tears), it’s almost exactly 1 year to the second that my sweet baby Lucas was born.  Hard to believe a year has already passed.  As much as I love little Lucas, he has been quite the challenge.  He is definitely happier now that he can be more independent.  To fit his personality, we decided to go with the mod monkey theme for the party. Here is the invitation



Here’s me and my baby (he will always be a baby in my eyes) at his party.


More pictures from the party will be up soon.


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We had a great Cinco de Mayo…aside from the doctor appointment for Lucas. All went well at the doctor, so that was good. For dinner, we decided to go to my brothers place. Derek always has a great time! In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I had the tacos…YUM!  Someone at the restaurant gave Derek the bottle poncho.  He’s been carrying it around ever since.


It’s also Callie’s Birthday!  Happy 3rd Birthday Callie!



Retirement Invitations – Teacher

I have lots of fun custom projects lately… website design, party accessories, and custom cards are just a few. One that has been the most fun has been a retirement party invitation for my mom. After 25 years of teaching, she is finally retiring. For her invitations, we decided to use her school portraits. She’s a better sport than I would be! Although, all the pictures are good. I decided to make the front of the card look like the composite they give of the entire class.



I think they turned out pretty good! I am looking forward to the party, it should be a good time. She deserves it after all the hard work she has put in the last 25 years! Congratulations!

You can see my other designs here.


Airplane Birthday Party Photos – II

I went back and forth about the cake. I didn’t know if I wanted to go with cake or cupcakes. I couldn’t decide…so I went with both! Dan and I made the cake topper airplane out of Crayola Model Magic. Derek loved seeing the airplane on everything. He would get so excited every time he saw it. For the cupcakes, I added flags. Some with the airplane graphic and the others with his age, 2.


Aww, I love the picture of him blowing out his candles.  Such a big boy!

I probably got a little carried away with the airplane theme.  I decided to serve the guests, pre-packaged lunches.


The kids had a great time playing with all the toys Derek received.


Thank you to everyone that helped us celebrate Derek’s birthday!


Party Photos – Part I

After what seemed like months of planning, the party is already over.  The inspiration for the party came from the invitations.


Hard to believe he is already two! For the goodies bags,  I painted a Cheerios box brown, I then cut two pieces of brown paper into the shape of a suitcase and attached one to either side.  To dress it up a bit, I used two stripes of yellow cardstock and travel stickers. I think they turned out pretty good.  The adults were also sent home with a goodie bag, chocolate chip cookies….YUM!


I have tons more pictures to sort through.  I will have to show you those in a separate post.


Happy Birthday Derek!

Derek had a great day celebrating his birthday. We have wonderful friends and family that came to the house for an airplane themed party. The party was a huge success. I think Derek had a great time! Poor Lucas, he slept through all but about 30 minutes of the party. That’s ok, his turn in 3 weeks!

For Christmas last year, Dan got me some awesome video editing software. We just installed it today. So, I threw this slideshow together quickly.

We love you Derek!


Etsy Shop 200 Sales!

Yay!  I had my 200th sale in my Etsy shop today! When I opened my shop in September of 2008, I had no idea what to expect. Needless to say, I am more than pleased with the results I have had so far. I have “met” lots of great people through Etsy, not only my customers but other sellers. Thank you to all of the great customers I have had over the last few months. I am excited to see what the future holds.

While I was posting this, I got sale #201!!

Thank you for the continued support!


Baby Steps

I have been so busy with work, (NOT complaining!) that I haven’t had time to post about Easter.  But, I wanted to make sure I posted this…


Hard to believe he turned 11 months today.  He really is a much happier baby than he was for a while. I think being able to move around on his own has really helped.  So, he’s up to about 4 steps!  I think I have my hands full now,just wait until he and Derek are running in opposite directions!


Sweet Treats! Cupcake, Ice Cream & Birthday Cake Invitations

It seems that most of my custom work lately has been for girls. I love being able to design with pink, especially since I have two boys. Here are a couple of my latest designs.  These designs and more can be purchased here.




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