10 on Tuesday

1. I guess the title should technically be 10 on Wednesday.  It’s 12:45am as I type this…and past my bedtime.  These late nights are really starting to catch up with me.

2. Staying  up this late is not good. It’s been so long since I had dinner that I am starving!

3. Saturday is the big party!  I am up to my eyeballs in party stuff.  I hope I can get everything put together in time!

4. There is nothing like just colored and cut hair!  I got mine done tonight…it feels great!

5.  Maybe I should have gone grocery shopping instead.  Seriously.


6. Look at my poor starving kids looking for something to eat.


7.  Here’s a custom design I created for one my repeat customers.  I love how simple it is. You can find it in my shop!


8.  Here’s another custom design created for a repeat customer. The guest of honor is a huge fan of  the Italian soccer team, Juventus. So, it was designed with their colors and logo as an inspiration.


9. Yet another custom design for another repeat customers.



10.  I obviously don’t have too much to share tonight.  I think I just need to go to sleep!  Hopefully next week’s post will be more interesting. 🙂