Mod Monkey Party – Part II

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As I look through the photos, I realized I failed to take pictures of a lot of different things.  For the food, we had blue and yellow bread made by our local bakery.  We used a round cookie cutter to cut the bread into circles.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I went with the polka dot theme!  All of the food was round.  I don’t know if anyone noticed, but it was fun trying to come up with food ideas that fit!


The adults were sent home with mini loaves of banana bread.  One picture I didn’t take was of the kids goodie bags.  I used a white gift bag and glued blue and yellow polka dots along the bottom.  Each bag was filled with fun monkey items.

The kids had a blast playing the ball pit we made using a monkey kiddie pool that was complete with a banana slide!  It was perfect!


You can find the mod monkey shirt here. She does great work and is super fast!

  • Allison

    Very cute!! Would you mind sharing where you purchased the monkey shirt with your son’s name and age on the back?

    • admin

      I’ve had several people ask where the shirt is from so I added a link to the Etsy shop where I purchased them.

  • Hi! I am doing a monkey themed birthday party for my little man and love the monkey pool idea. Would you mind sharing where you purchased that? Love all of your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    • admin

      Hi Jill! Thank you! I found the pool on Ebay. It’s discontinued from Little Tikes.

  • betsy

    I wanted to know about the bread where can I go to have that done.. and if it expensive to do so… I called several groceries stores and they can’t make yellow, blue bread..

    • admin

      Hi Betsy! The bread was from a small, local bakery. I think it cost about $4-$5 per loaf.

  • betsy

    Thank you how many sandwiches did you make I called several places and they don’t know what I’m talking about is there a certain way to ask??

    • admin

      I don’t remember exactly how many we made, maybe 50. I believe it’s just a matter of them adding food color to the dough? Sorry I can’t be more help!

  • Jill

    You wouldn’t happen to want to sell your pool would you? Thanks for all the info!

    • admin

      Sorry Jill, I don’t want to sell the pool. The kids love it, not to mention, they have already put a hole in the banana slide. Sorry!

  • betsy

    what size did you order the shirt do they run small??

    • admin

      I ordered a 2T. They do run a little small.

  • Marilyn

    Exactly what I’ve thinking of for my son’s 1st Bday….You sure are creative… CONGRATS and thank you sooooo much for sharing with us.

  • I am also doing a mod monkey themed birthday for my son’s 1st birthday.. Hopefully it works.

  • Hello!! I’m brazilian and i loved your monkey pool. I don’t find it on ebay.
    Please, give a link on site!

    sorry with lenguage. I don’t speak english very well