Summer To-Do List

The boys and I came up with a fun to-do list for our summer.  Although they didn’t really get it, I think they will have fun crossing things off the list.  Sorry, this might be boring…but I want to make sure I have the list saved somewhere.

Here’s our list…

*go to Target (funny boys, this was on our to-do list that day, they still wanted to add it to the list)

*milk (Lucas wanted to add this, he’s used to hearing me make grocery lists)

*make big pancakes (we were making pancakes while making this list, Derek wanted this added)

*make hotel (Lucas was positive he wants to MAKE a hotel.)

*ride bikes in park

*stay in hotel

*ride bikes with Ty and Morgan

*go to sprinkler park

*pick strawberries

*make fort

*go see a play

*finger paint

*go to park

*watch fireworks

*go swimming

*go to library

*go to WI Dells

*go to zoo

*concert in the park

*ride train