10 on Tuesday

1.  The BEP concert was awesome!  Here is a picture of me and my sister waiting for the concert to start.


2. Finally!  It’s starting to get a little warmer.  Today was  first day that it was warm enough for us to get out and play.




3.  People are going to start mistaking the boys for girls if I don’t figure out what to do with their hair.  As you can see in the pictures, their hair is getting long!  I am just at a loss with what to do with it.

4.  I don’t understand why people take it upon themselves to shorten my name!  When I introduce myself as Jennifer, why do they think it’s ok to call me Jenny or Jen???  I think it’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

5. Just got out tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Genesee Theatre.  I don’t know if I have seen an entire episode of Seinfeld.  But, I think it will be a good show.  I am looking forward to it.

6. I added these new designs to my shop this week.



7. I’ve really want to add a few new designs to the job, but I really have had no desire to design.  The Dr. Seuss invitation you see above was a custom order for one of my wonderful customers.  The other design above, was created as a Christmas card for a friend.  She decided to go with a different option, and I never got around to adding it to my shop.

8. They are trying to tell us something.  Here they are at nap time today.



If you look closely, you will notice both boys are sleeping on the floor.  I think it’s time for new mattresses.  Derek especially, pretty much refuses to sleep in his bed.  Their first choice would be to sleep in our bed, second choice…the floor.

9. We are trying to get Lucas from taking a bottle.  We still give him one at night, and at about 4:00 or 5:00am.  We tell him that bottles are for babies.  So now, he asks for his “baby milk”  when he wants a bottle.  Poor baby guy.

10.  At the same time, we have taken paci’s away from Derek.  We started with just letting him have one when he was sleeping.  Tonight will be the third night with no paci.  He was completely fine the first night.  Last night he and this morning he cried for it a little bit.  We will see what tonight holds.