Lucas’ Hospital Stay

Little Lucas gave us a little scare. He had a pretty severe case of croup. As a result, he had to spend 3 nights in the hospital. He was a trooper though. Here are a few images that were taken in the hospital.



Of course, nothing can make you feel better like McDonalds french fries, right??

Here’s the jail crib that he was supposed to sleep in.


Of course, he wanted nothing to do with sleeping in that thing. Although, they aren’t supposed to, the nurses let him sleep in the cot they had in the room for me.

It really was nice to be able to cuddle with him though.

We were finally able to come home Friday morning.
Lucas sure does look better than Dan and I do! I think he was just happy to not be hooked up to any machines anymore. They had taken the IV out right before this picture was taken.

We all were so happy to be home! Now, he is going through a phase where he doesn’t want to sleep in his crib. Between that and the teething that he and Derek are going through, we haven’t been getting much sleep. Oh well, such is life.