Terrible Two’s?

This has been a rough couple of weeks at our house. To start, it’s been a long winter! I think we all have a major case of cabin fever. Additionally, both boys are teething. This means that we are getting very little sleep. To top it all off, I think Derek is going through the terrible two stage. He has always been pretty easy going and well behaved. Here is a list of some of the naughty things he has done lately.

* Scribbled with black Sharpie and yellow highlighter all over Dan’s computer monitors. Luckily, it came off! It wasn’t fun calling Dan at work to let him know.

* He broke a glass candle in the bathroom. This candle had been there, untouched, for two years.

* Playing in the toilet. I heard laughing and water splashing and knew I better investigate. I thought I would find them playing in the tub with toys that still had leftover water in them. Nope, this is what I found.

Fun times playing in toilet

Derek is trying to pretend that he had nothing do to with it. But, he is just as wet as Lucas. You can’t really tell in the picture, but they were both soaked!

* I was feeding Lucas his bottle on the couch. I kept hearing something hitting the floor…blackberries! He thought this was a ton of fun!


Add to the list, squeezing the tube of anything he can find, lotion, toothpaste, conditioner….the list goes on. While most of this may sound like normal child’s play….it isn’t normal for Derek.

Ugh…recounting all this just makes me tired!:)

Lucas has been equally difficult in his own way. Come back for that story!